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Mitraillette hamburger frites

by Vincent
Mitraillette meal belgian speciality fast food

The Mitraillette is a typical Belgian fast food snack that is serve in just about anyone of the small fries vending shops or restaurant commonly called friterie in French or Fritkot in Dutch.

It’s composed of half a baguette with inside some form of meat (there are countless variations such as sausages, pita, fish, chicken,..) though most basic version would be with hamburger meat. To this is added a bit of salad and tomatoes which is to be then submerged in fries and topped by one of about 15 different possible sauces available. Tonight’s combination seen above was a “Mitraillette mergues frites”.

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alexis bouhez February 24, 2011 - 3:51 pm

If you travel to belgium, you must try this!


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