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Manneken Pis honors our healthcare workers

The Manneken-Pis, the famous hero and mascot of the city of Brussels was offered today it’s 1st ever caregiver costume this Saturday to honor all of the healthcare workers of the public hospitals of the Iris network (CHU Saint-Pierre, CHU Brugmann, Institut Jules Bordet, Children’s Hospital and Iris-Sud Hospitals), who rose to the front at the height of the covid-19 pandemic.

Manneken Pis honoring healthcare workers

The choice of a white coat, surgical mask, visor and small shoes that make up the outfit was worn as a special occasion today only until 6 p.m.

Manneken Pis honoring healthcare workers

The set aimed to represent the hospital personnel in it’s entirety with and not just the nurses and doctors but the cleaning crews, aides, administrative agents and technicians who bravely donned on their uniforms to save lives amid this unprecedented health crisis.

Manneken Pis honoring healthcare workers

Statue Joies de Printemps

The “Square des Griottiers” or “Square of the cherries trees” takes its name from the three big morello cherry trees planted here. This is the same type of cherry tree used to produces the famous cherry beer Kriek in Brussels. Located in in Schaerbeek at the crossroads of the avenues of Félix Maréchal, Emile Max and Milcamps, This is tiny island of lush greenery is a little haven of peace in an urban residential area. The square is best known for the little statuette “Joies de Printemps” which translates to Joys of spring in English.

The paved path allows visitors to discover the wide variety of shrubs, grasses and flowers that adorn the square. In addition, a fourth sour cherry tree will be planted while two benches will be installed.

The Joys of Spring sculpture by Eugène Canneel is at the center of the Square des Griottiers. Interesting fact, both the cherry and the donkey are symbols of this municipality of Schaarbeek, as in the old days cherries who grew here had to be carried on the back of donkeys to be sold on the Brussels markets downtown.

War Pigeons commemorative statue

Belgium is most likely the only country in the world to possess a statute to honor the “pigeon soldat” or soldier pigeon and his contribution during both Great World wars.

Whether released at 500 m or 100 km from home, even in certain cases over 1,500 km, the messenger pigeon has that fantastic ability to always know its way back.This trait was detected a long time ago, notably by Julius Caesar who, during the invasion of Gaul, used homing pigeons to send messages back to Rome to inform headquarters of his campaign’s progress.

On the other hand the Myth of the pigeon that you sometimes see in movies which is released and asked to take a message somewhere and then return, doesn’t exist. The pigeon is only able of returning home. This is why, in order to send a message to several places, pigeons raised at each destination have to be taken out.


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Statue honoring the War Pigeons

Another perspective

The Monument au Pigeon Soldat in it’s entirety


Girls statues outside the EU Charlemagne Building

These Bronzes Statues of young girls are found in front of the Charlemagne building which is one of the many the European Union Institutions of Brussels. They were made by sculptor René Julien in 1998. Located right next to the Shuman subway station at 170 Rue de la Loi.

The set of bronze sculptures in their entirety

The set of bronze sculptures in their entirety

The statue to the right is called L’espérance (Hope)

EU Charlemagne Building statue to the right is called L'espérance (Hope)

L’oiseleuse et La copine au chapeau

L'oiseleuse et La copine au chapeau statue names

I haven’t found any information anywhere about the last two sets