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Bruxelles les Bains

by Vincent

Every summer from mid-July to mid-August a stretch of the canal Willebroek is transformed into to a waterside tropical beach scene with the help of lots of sand and palms trees. The holiday atmosphere of Bruxelles les Bains is guaranteed with the multitude of small themed bars and restaurants serving specialty foods and drinks from (among other places) Cuba, Brazil, Colombia, Congo, India, Spain, Vietnam and Morocco.

Visitors can attend daily free concerts or play various sports such as: Rugby, Football, Volleyball, Pétanque, climbing, Frisbee,etc. Special attractions for kids are also featured.

Location of Bruxelles les Bains:

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Photos of Bruxelles les Bains:

Entering Bruxelles les Bains

The beach is a popular spot for young families with their children

Kids trying to cool off from the summer heat

Mini golf session

Things aren’t always as easy as they appear

One of the many food stalls this one serving African specialties

Brazilian cocktail bars

Nothing like sipping a cold Caïpirinha in the sun

A few Volleyball courts are available

What about a little game of Pétanque?

Sports for all ages

BBQ Food specialties

The chief cook proudly posing for the picture

back on the beach with the toddlers

Trampoline for kids

Long chairs and cocktails

On my way out

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