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Parc Félix Hap

Some things just manage to keep a low profile and remain hidden little gems which surely could describe the Felix Hap park. Although located in a very urban part of Brussels and tucked away behind a wall, the Parc Félix Hap is one of the best kept secrets of Etterbeek. Considered by many the the most beautiful park of the commune it was originally a family mansion that was donated in 1988 to the public. The garden today retains it’s peacefull quiet quaint charm and is very inviting to visitors.

Photos of Parc Félix Hap in Etterbeek (location):

Maison Cauchie

La Maison Cauchie (The Cauchie House in English or Het Cauchiehuis in Nederlands) was built by architect, painter and decorator Paul Cauchie in 1905 to be his personal residence. The amazing facade is completely decorated with sgraffito and is considered to be one of the best examples of Brussels’ Art Nouveau. The Cauchie House is opened to the public every first week-end of the month from 10AM to 1PM and 2PM to 5PM where visitors can discover the interior where both the first floor and mezzanine feature some astonishing example of allegorical graffito. A gallery area which is also accessible displays a variety of paintings and furnishings made by Paul Cauchie and his wife Caroline Voet.

Location of the Cauchie House:

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Photos of Maison Cauchie:

The Facade

Pictures of the city of Brussels, Belgium

The House was also Workshop where both Paul and his wife worked

The colored figures around the circular window depict the eight artistic disciplines and reveal the influence of the pre-Raphaelites.

Pictures of the city of Brussels, Belgium

First floor balcony detail

Parc Leopold

Parc Leopold

Park Leopold’s Main entrance on rue Belliard just beyond the Parliament buildings. Set on the edge of the new European Union infrastructures and following on from the Maelbeek Valley, which stretches from the woods at La Cambre and the lakes in Ixelles to square Marie-Louise, this public park is a haven of peace and tranquility in the midst of the bustle of the urban thoroughfare that is rue Belliard.

Location of Parc Leopold:

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Photos of Parc Leopold:

One end of the Park Leopold pond

The district is currently undergoing a total transformation as is obvious from the impressive number of tower cranes around.

The park was originally designed to be used as a zoo, hence the inscriptions visible on each side of the main entrance.

The park was opened in the middle of the 19C and given its current name to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Independence.

This pleasant, peaceful spot has a lake on which it is not unusual to see herons. The park lies on a steep slope and is overlooked by the rear facades of the two wings of the Museum des Sciences Naturelles.

From the other end of the pond

One of the many other species of birds

View across the pond

European Parliament buildings looming in the back

Georges Eastman dentistry institute in the back