Chapelle de Marie la Miserable

by Vincent

Chapel of Marie la Miserable
This Gothic chapel, whose origins certainly date from the 14th century, was modified many times until its restoration in 1970. It evokes the moving story – told by the playwright M. de Ghelderode in his play Marie la Miserable (1952) – of a young peasant girl who became the victim of a powerful person whose advances she had spurned. To avenge himself, the rebuffed seducer slipped a valuable vase into her bag, then accused her of theft. Injustly condemned, the young girl was buried alive.

Location of Chapelle de Marie la Misérable:

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Photos of Chapelle de Marie la Miserable

Chapel of Marie la Miserable from the other side

The chapel can be visited daily from 7 am to 6 pm.

Most of the furniture inside dates back to the 17th Century

Going around into its garden designed by René Pechère

Side of the chapel seen from within its gardens

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