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Manneken-Pis and the Order of the Brussels Moustache

The Manneken-Pis, a 17th-century bronze statue of small boy is an iconic symbol of Brussels folklore which dresses up in costume during festivals and major events. Today was meant to celebrate the election of the most beautiful Moustache of Brussel but it had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis.

The Men of the Order of the Brussels Moustache

The idea of the competition and the order was started a little over a decade ago in 2009 at the initiative of the former mayor of Brussels, Freddy Thielemans, who always sported a mustache. Initially, the competition took place in Les Marolles neighborhood. Today, internet users can also vote for the prettiest mustache.

Manneken-Pis in the Order of the Brussels Moustache

Only on This 25 April 2021, from 9 am to 6 pm, Manneken-Pis will be sporting his costume of the Order of the Brussels Moustache.

Location: Corner Rue du Chêne & Rue de l’Étuve, Brussels, Belgium

La Belle Hip Hop 4th edition by ZOUWI

For the last 4 editions of the La Belle Hip Hop Festival, the PARCOURS Street Art has honored the International Women’s Day with a mural in Brussels on the 8th March. This year, it was the female Belgian artist ZOUWI who was chosen for the task and made this beautiful mural focused on nature.

This mural is located at the corner of Rue d’Ophem & Rue de Flandre 111, Brussels, Belgium

La Belle Hip Hop 4 by ZOUWI
La Belle Hip Hop 4 by ZOUWI
La Belle Hip Hop 4 by ZOUWI

Mother mural by Polish artist

The Brussels-based Une Ville en Couleur non-profit association, who work towards opening up the world of contemporary art in the open spaces of the Capital has recently invited the artist Sainer to paint a large 400 square meters mural in the proximity of the Brussels-North railway station.

Mother by street artist Sainer
This mural is located at the corner of Boulevard Simon Bolivar and Avenue de l’Héliport 21, Brussels, Belgium

Portrayed above is a mother and her two children rendered in his easily recognizable chiaroscuro tones. The mother and the daughter have their faces covered by the shade. The little girl, hidden behind her mother, looks at the viewer with her hands clasped under a piece of Rowan tree which in Slavic symbolism is supposed to warn them of upcoming danger. A soft atmosphere which reflects the tenderness that the mother seems to have for her children.

Sainer is a Polish artist who graduated from the Lodz School of Fine Arts. He’s been passionate about art since the age of 16. The artist is a member of the famous Etam Cru, a duo of gifted artists that he forms with his friend Bezt.

La Belle Hip Hop mural

At the initiative of the city of Brussels, four young female artists were given “carte blanche” to create a collective mural on theme of the “La Belle Hip Hop festival“. An eight day musical event dedicated solely to the women of Hip Hop which takes place each year in the capital on International Women’s Day.

Location: Rue de l’Eclipse, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

The four talented artists who realised the mural below are: Chelove, LaetiCNN199, Michelle Shiyu Chen & Nadia.

La Belle HiP HOP mural
La Belle HiP HOP mural
La Belle HiP HOP mural
La Belle HiP HOP mural
La Belle HiP HOP mural
La Belle HiP HOP mural La Belle HiP HOP mural "Soeur Yes Soeur" / Sister Yes Sister
La Belle HiP HOP mural

Peace World mural created by Fish Stix

"Peace world" mural by artist Fish Stix
The“Peace World” mural is located at Rue du marché au charbon 84, Brussels, Belgium

This colorful mural was created by Graffiti artist FishStix on the roll down shutter of the Effet Mérité storefront so you are bound to miss it during regular opening hours. The store itself feature unique and handmade products from more than 30 Belgian & European designers.