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Europe’s biggest graffiti wall along tram station De Wand

The largest fresco of Belgium can now be admired along the walls of the De Wand tram station in Laeken. Just a stone’s throw from the Atomium along tramway lines 4, 19 and 23 the De Wand station is a symbolic crossing point between the suburbs and the city of Brussels. Entitled “The Walk”, this massive work of art was created by 30 graffiti artists from Belgium and beyond was part of a grant from the Brussels’ region for the renovation of public spaces and has grown over the years to become Europe’s biggest graffiti wall with it 4500 square meters. The total cost of the project was of 200 000€ where 30 artists worked for 9 days and no less than 6000 spray paint cans were used during the process.

Photos of mural art along tram station De Wand (Location):

Happy Metro to You mural by Marc Mendelson

Renowned artist Marc Mendelson wanted to provide a humorous and colorful experience to commuters through his 1974  “Happy Metro to You”  polychrome wood mural at Parc metro station. Born in London in 1915 and member of the Académie Royale de Belgique he his mostly knows for his abstract painting, sculptures, watercolor and modern art work after World War II.

Location of  Park Metro Station Happy Metro to You mural:

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Photos of  Marc Mendelson’s Happy Metro to You sculpture:

Marc Mendelson wanted approaching commuters to enjoy a relaxing and fun artwork that could require a bit of work and concentration to figure out.

Detail of right portion

Detail of left portion

Happy Metro to You mural in it’s entirety

Notre Temps Mural at Hankar Metro station

The wildly colorful “Notre Temps” fresco was painted on the ceilings and walls of the Hankar STIB Metro station by Roger Somville, leader of the Belgian Expressionists Movement. The mural uses a lot of bright and strident colors in shades of orange and red to represent the struggles of the working class to attain social and economic  justice. Somville completed this monumental mural in 1976 with the help of four of his assistants.

Location of Hankar Metro station:

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Photos of Notre Temps Mural:

Left side

Right side

Details of the left side

Right side detail

Front view

Details of the front

the new subways wagons in Brussels

The metro network of Brussels (STIB/MIVB) has recently added 15 brand new subway M6/Boa wagons to its fleet. This is one of their latest moves to increase by 40% the capacity of its underground network and add better video security for its passengers on board. These are built by the Spanish CAF company (Construcciónes y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles). An additional 5 have already since been ordered.

The new M6/Boa series models

Inside the M6/Boa

The main seating arrangements portion of the M6/Boa

The old U series models

From inside