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Street Art place d’Espagne

by Vincent

Just behind the stairs as you coming from Brussels Central Station is where you will find one of the latest mural by French graffiti artist OAKOAK (Saint-Etienne, France). Just like my previous post of his work rue du chien marin, this was done once again at the invitation of Brussels’ minister of culture Karine Lalieux, who gave him free reign for a week to brighten up the streets of Capital.

Duck Hunt by Artist OakOak
The Japanese birds mural and others can be seen along the staircase at Place d’Espagne, Brussels, Belgium

In this particular piece, OakOak took inspiration from two different eras of Japanese culture. The birds are from 200 year old paintings from renowned artist Katsushika Hokusai while the pixelized duck comes from the popular game Duck Hunt, which was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1984.

Should I write something interesting to be an artist? by Selor
Should I write something interesting to be an artist? by Selor

The work of another well known French artist, David Selor (Cognac, France) can be seen on the other end of the wall. Selor’s art is easily recognizable from the blue and white striped t-shirt “Mimil” character he created and uses to convey humorous or philosophical message.

"Embla" by Ouroboros
Embla by stencil artist Ouroboros

A Female French Stencil Artist, Camille Douchet (Lille, France) aka Ouroboros (pictures above and below) left her mark as well. Camille’s usually starts working from a photograph and with her skillful hands reproduces every every feature and detail. She deliberately chooses perfect strangers or lesser known personalities in the portrait she chooses.

The hand

Sadly I noticed the hand seen above has disappeared since my last visit

Street art by Anagard & Trollux2Luxe
“ACIDIBOB” (left) by Trollux2Luxe & “Turn back Love” (right) by Indonesian street artist Anagard

Anagard is one of the most prominent stencil artists of Indonesia, he was one of the first International talent invited by the city of Brussels to create a street art itinerary in the Capital.

Leprechaun by EVL (Edward Von Lôngus)

The Leprechaun above is from Estonian stencil artist Edward Von Lôngus AKA EVL (Tartu, Estonia). He has often been compared to Banksy for his anonymity and style, which often conveys social or political message. His art recently has earned the attention of the media and art critics for the use of augmented reality in his work.

Patrick by Trollux2Luxe

Last but not least our very own Frédéric Sainthomme aka Trollux2Luxe (Mons, Belgium). This artist loves to mix various themes in his work, you’ll find a melting pot of everything from the childish to the morbid. His collages often reveal a darker side when you take a closer look.

Street Art Place d'Espagne in Brussels, Belgium

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