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fete de l’Iris hosted by Piknik Elektronik

Another Cool event nearby the main concert stage was the Piknik Elektronik at Place Du Musée (just next to the Mont des Arts) which featured from noon until 22:00 a set of DJ’s playing electronic music. All this was setup around 800 square meters of green grass lawn recreating a park/festival rave atmosphere.


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Photos Piknik Elektronik Mai 11

Photos Piknik Elektronik

Fete de l’Iris Abba Mania concert

The main concert of the 11th of Mai at the Fête de l’Iris featured at 20:00 ABBA Mania. This band created in 1999 has been one of the most successful ABBA cover band to date playing 18 consecutive weeks at London ‘s West End Theatre. Famous around the globe they have to date traveled as far as Tahiti, Mexico, Venezuela, North America, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, France & many others.

ABBA Mania live in concert

Fete de l’Iris Abbey Road concert

The first of the two main acts on the free concerts of the Fête de l’Iris started at 18:00 on the 11th of Mai with the Belgian Beatles tribute band Abbey Road setup again right next to the Royal Palace of Brussels. Formed in 1987 the band made of Yves Laloux, Alain Pire, Dimitri Deboutte and Christian Willems has been a growing success. They have played more than four hundred concerts to date with crowds up to 60 000 people strong like when they opened for Jacques Dutronc.

Abbey Road in concert

Abbey Road in concert

Fete de l’Iris Ozark Henry concert

The third part and main act of the Fête de l’Iris on the 10 of Mai was featuring the band Ozark Henry performing at 22:00. Involved through his life in several bands Piet Goddaer really gained recognition and celebrity when his Ozark Henry solo act which his 4th and latest album was released in 1999.

Here are the photos of Ozark Henry performing with his band

Here are the photos of Ozark Henry performing with his band

Some pictures of the crowd

Prince Laurent and his wife Claire were also at the Fête de l’Iris concert

Some more happy to be there people