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Marché de Noël de Bruxelles

Although  not even ten years old, the Brussels Christmas market has made a big impact on the Brussels landscape over the Christmas holidays. Today, it would be hard to imagine passing into the new year without it. Initiated by the City of Brussels’ the Christmas market is laid out within it’s center along a two kilometer long route starting from the Grand Place  along the Bourse, Place Ste-Catherine and Marché aux Poissons. Featuring 240 chalets, an open-air skating rink and a Ferris Wheel all  illuminated by thousands of lights. The guest of honor this year is Mongolia and every day colorful acts with local musicians and dancers wearing traditional costume that evoke the Mongol can be seen.

Opened everyday From the 27 November 2009 to January 3rd 2010

Location of the Brussels Christmas market:

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Photos Marché de Noël de Bruxelles

Enjoying some ice skating

Mongolian masks

Nativity scene at Grand Place

French sausages

Sipping on Champagne

Grand place Christmas tree

Face of Babies illuminate the path to  Place Sainte-Catherine

Matryoshka dolls

Further down the way to Place Sainte-Catherine

Mongolian music

Young couple

The wait for customers for a glass of Gluehwein (German Hot Wine Punch)

More French sausages…

French cheese

Kids on the Merry-go-round

Mongolian artists

Earings for sale

wooden figurines

Teddy bears

Santa keeping warm in reindeer fur

Choucroute garnie or dressed sauerkraut

dressed for winter in this unusually cold weather

Belgian fries

Ferris wheel


Chalets with St. Catherine church in the background

lonely Santa

La Chaloupe d’or

La Chaloupe d’Or (Den Gulden Boot in Dutch) is a popular café restaurant located right in the heart of Brussels at it’s famous Grand place. Since medieval times and until the 14th Century here stood the guildhall of the tailors association. Remnants of that era like the statue of Saint Homobonus, patron saint of business people and tailors can still be seen on top of it’s facade. The building that stands today was rebuilt in 1697 after the 1695 bombardement of Brussels ordered by Lois XIV.

Location of La Chaloupe d’Or:

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Photos La Chaloupe d’or:

The bust of Saint Barabara overlooking the pub and it’s terrace is from 1872

Entering the Pub

Cozy fireplace in the corner warms you up on those cold winter days

Making my way up the stairs

A few pictures of the room of the first floor

Well worth trying off their menu are their specialties:  The Liegeoise (potatoes, beans and bacon bits) or American salad (steak tartar).

The seats in the back will give you one of the best view of the Grand Place

Place looks empty and deserted as it was just about to open to the public

Back downstairs view from the back

Meyboom 2008 celebrations preview

A repetition for the Meyboom Celebrations was held today at the Grand Place a week ahead of the official date of the 9th of August. This is the longest lasting folkloric tradition of the city of Brussels held yearly since 1213 and celebrating it’s 693rd edition. The celebration features a procession of eight colorful costumed giants and a marching band on its journey from the Place du Sablon to the Grand Place.

itinerary of the Meyboom celebrations procession:

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Photos of the Meyboom 2008 repetition:

Start of the procession

Giants arriving

Marching Band

Parading around at the Grand Place

The Giants:




Baby Giant




Brussels police demonstration Grand Place

While I was passing by the Grand Place today I noticed a large crowd gathered and some sort of police demonstration that was going on and decide to take some photos of the event that was already well underway. It was in fact the annual “fastes de la police de Bruxelles Capitale” event that celebrates the Police of Brussels.

The Belgian Police had just received a new motorcycle to gradually replace their old BMW’s that were proudly on display during the show.

View from the back

The motorcycle Police started doing some stunts with their bikes

Impressive display rolling by of 10 police officers on 3 bikes

Back view as they go by

Both feet on the seat

one foot on the seat and another in the air

Seen from the side

Now few stunts with feet On the side

La brigade canine de Bruxelles or in English the Brussels K9 Brigade had their own little display of force.

Dog going for the jump

Powerful K9 Jaws in action

This time the Intervention is on a car with at first one dog

Then another on the suspect destabilizing its victim

The show Ended with a Parade

Roi d’Espagne dome and statues

Here are some details of the statues on the roof and dome of the Roi d’Espagne café in the Grand Place of Brussels. Location is hard to miss since it’s right in the historical center of the city. Being originally an old bakers guild built by architect and sculptor Jean Cosyns each of the six statues on the roof symbolize one of the six needed items to make bread which are in order left to right: Strength, wheat, wind, fire, water and foresight.

roof roi d'Espagne

The statue on top of the dome is a gilded weather vane representing Fame

Roi d'Espagne The statue on top of the dome