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New Quick & Flupke Mural in the Marolles

Quick & Flupke, the two little rascals created by Hergé have now found an all new playground for their mischievously acts. Indeed, the previous mural found on the building at the corner of rue Haute and rue des Capucins had to be taken down in order to make way for a new housing project. The new work of art of the kids, wearing their famous red turtleneck and their green raincoat can now be admired at 19 rue Notre-Seigneur, 1000 Brussels.

Quick and Flupke mural

The new Quick & Flupke mural seen above was created by the Farm Prod collective and can be seen at the corner of Rue Hate et Rue Notre-Seigneur in Brussels


“As key figures in Belgian comic strip world, they had to keep a place onthe Brussels comic strip route. What was more, these two “ketjes” had to stay in the Marolles, so dear to the author, as Hergé’s grandmother lived on rue Terre-Neuve. To add a funny little anecdote: this is also the official address of Tintin, except that “Newfoundland” has been mischievously renamed “Labrador” in fiction “.

Explains Ans Persoons, Deputy mayor in Brussels in charge of urban planning and responsible for the Comic Strip route.
Quick and Flupke mural

Like Tintin, Quick & Flupke are real Brusseleirs. These nicknames are moreover typically from Brussels dialect with: “Flupke” for Philippe and “Quick” being a nickname given to a friend of Hergé.

Quick and Flupke mural
This Quick & Flupke mural is the 54th along the Brussels comic strip route with an estimated cost to the city of around 12 500€

Tribute to Hergé fresco by Mezzo in Laeken

Mural art realized by Mezzo, the creator of the King of the Flies comic strip illustrations as a tribute to Hergé. Mezzo of his real name Pascal Mesemberg was born in Drancy in 1960. At the age of 17, he began his career by sending illustrations in various magazines and graphzines Paris where he published his first comic strip in Métal Aventure and then collaborated with Zoulou and L’Écho des Savanes. After becoming famous working with Michel Pirus in 1989 he moved to Paris where he contributes regularly to the journal de Mickey as an illustrator and realizes the covers for Stephen King’s Librio collection novels. He also still publishes short stories in L’Écho des Savanes with his accomplice Pirus.

Photos of Tribute to Hergé fresco by Mezzo in Laeken (location):


Zinneke Parade

Born 10 years ago as part of Brussels 2000, European Capital of Culture the Zinneke Parade has now grown into a biennial exuberant celebration where around 2500 local volunteers from various schools, collectives and organizations converge into the city center in a carnival atmosphere. Each edition has it’s own theme where participants create their colorful and extravagant costumes while various musicians, dancers and actors join in for the fun in what could be best described as a street opera. This year’s 6th Edition theme was : A table/Aan tafe best translated into “Have a meal” or “Come to the Table”.

Photos of the Zinneke Parade 2010

Complete set of 180 pictures:

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Brussels under the snow

As most of you probably already know the winter 2009-2010 was one the coldest we have experienced in Europe in a very long time. Brussels was no exception to this and the initial sense of  fun and excitement of having snow stay for a few days slowly became irritating and in the end frankly outright depressing when had to deal with it non stop from December to March. This is partly why there was been no interest on my part in updating the blog for that period of time but now that’s all a thing of the past and I happily look back, knowing summer is approaching and post a few pictures of my last attempt in winter photography dating from December.

Snow in Brussels photos:

Man shoveling snow on my street

Deserted chairs and bench in my neighborhood

Couple holding hands behind Berlaymont building

Empty street

Snow covered Parc Leopold

More Parc Leopold

Ice forming on the lake

Espace Léopold European Parliament building

Parc Leopold in the snow

Christmas tree

Bikes in the snow

Vibrant activity

Kids playing in the snow

Waiting for the bus

Center of Brussels

Parc de Bruxelles covered in a white coat

Tree at sunset


Brussels public bikes

Cars covered in show near St. Catherine

More of the Villo rent-a-bike system in Brussels

More cars covered in snow