Home urban art Stuffed toys and raccoons along Chaussée de Boondael

Stuffed toys and raccoons along Chaussée de Boondael

by Vincent

Always great to see residents take up the task to brighter up their street in any way they can. These cute furry little raccoons painted on the walls of the Papillon toy store caught my eye as I on my way to see the Bondael Project mural by the Propaganza collective.


Further down Chaussée de Boondael at #212 was a lovely little window display of various types of stuffed toys with everything from fruits and veggie to Maya the bee looking fellows.

Veggies stuffed toys
Stuffed veggies and fruit toys
Fruits stuffed toys
Stuffed fruit toys
Maya l'abeille stuffed toys
Stuffed Maya the Bee figurines


At number 250 Chaussée de Boondael, another resident took up to decorate his window welcoming the spring and wishing peace upon the world.

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