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War Pigeons commemorative statue

Belgium is most likely the only country in the world to possess a statute to honor the “pigeon soldat” or soldier pigeon and his contribution during both Great World wars.

Whether released at 500 m or 100 km from home, even in certain cases over 1,500 km, the messenger pigeon has that fantastic ability to always know its way back.This trait was detected a long time ago, notably by Julius Caesar who, during the invasion of Gaul, used homing pigeons to send messages back to Rome to inform headquarters of his campaign’s progress.

On the other hand the Myth of the pigeon that you sometimes see in movies which is released and asked to take a message somewhere and then return, doesn’t exist. The pigeon is only able of returning home. This is why, in order to send a message to several places, pigeons raised at each destination have to be taken out.


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Statue honoring the War Pigeons

Another perspective

The Monument au Pigeon Soldat in it’s entirety


Martyrs Square

Place des Martyrs or Martyrs square was completed in 1775 on a spot that used to be filled with green grass where drapers came to lay their fabrics to dry.

This statue is to remember and honor the death of the 455 patriots who died a Martyrs death in the 1830 uprising

The four angels that surround the statue are there to look after them in their eternal resting place

Here is the monument to Count Frédéric de Mérode

He was wounded near Bercherm in 1830 and later died of his wounds