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Zinneke Parade

by Vincent

Born 10 years ago as part of Brussels 2000, European Capital of Culture the Zinneke Parade has now grown into a biennial exuberant celebration where around 2500 local volunteers from various schools, collectives and organizations converge into the city center in a carnival atmosphere. Each edition has it’s own theme where participants create their colorful and extravagant costumes while various musicians, dancers and actors join in for the fun in what could be best described as a street opera. This year’s 6th Edition theme was : A table/Aan tafe best translated into “Have a meal” or “Come to the Table”.

Photos of the Zinneke Parade 2010

Complete set of 180 pictures:

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Amy May 30, 2010 - 2:02 pm

Looks like fun! I was sorry to have to miss it this year.

admin May 30, 2010 - 2:40 pm

I was happy to be able to make it myself for once 🙂 I've missed it so many times in the past!

helene vermote May 30, 2010 - 3:03 pm

Merci pour ces photos «prises sur le vif» de la Zinneke Parade. Elles sont colorées, pleines d'actions et très originales! Beau bain de foule on l'on peut sentir les vibrations, les rires, les émotions, les surprises, bref….la joie de vivre ! Et pour tout couronner le soleil s'était donné rendez-vous à Bruxelles ce jour-là, tout un exploit…


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