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Brussels under the snow

by Vincent

As most of you probably already know the winter 2009-2010 was one the coldest we have experienced in Europe in a very long time. Brussels was no exception to this and the initial sense of  fun and excitement of having snow stay for a few days slowly became irritating and in the end frankly outright depressing when had to deal with it non stop from December to March. This is partly why there was been no interest on my part in updating the blog for that period of time but now that’s all a thing of the past and I happily look back, knowing summer is approaching and post a few pictures of my last attempt in winter photography dating from December.

Snow in Brussels photos:

Man shoveling snow on my street

Deserted chairs and bench in my neighborhood

Couple holding hands behind Berlaymont building

Empty street

Snow covered Parc Leopold

More Parc Leopold

Ice forming on the lake

Espace Léopold European Parliament building

Parc Leopold in the snow

Christmas tree

Bikes in the snow

Vibrant activity

Kids playing in the snow

Waiting for the bus

Center of Brussels

Parc de Bruxelles covered in a white coat

Tree at sunset


Brussels public bikes

Cars covered in show near St. Catherine

More of the Villo rent-a-bike system in Brussels

More cars covered in snow

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Annie Fischler December 1, 2010 - 9:51 pm

Salut O Brusselas enneigee,

Que mon Parc Maconnique sur Compas et sur neige,

O Blancheur exquise des Temps sereins,

Que ton manteau a Angles Droits en Blancheur Edelweiss

Te sied comme le Niveau de la Paix,

Sous ce Ciel Belge Bleu cristallin,

O Ciel Clair de Bonte intense,

Que ton Entree sur Tapis rouge,Annie,sur Papamobile te soit aussi enivrante que cette Neige du Silence,

Je souhaite aux Brusselairs et surtout a Monica de Nativitas:

Annie Fischler December 1, 2010 - 9:54 pm


Qui vient me chercher a Jerusalem la Sainte?

Ve veux revenir chez Nicolas manger des brioches…..GALIA…


Rempli la Grand-Place de Bonhommes de Neige pour LIon's Club et vends-les……pour les pauvres….


Annie Fischler December 1, 2010 - 9:55 pm

"A bon entendeur salut…..C'est moi…….Annie la Belge…….S.O.S.So.S………._.-…—.

Baisers aux Enneiges de Joie et de Bonheur…

"Het Ivoren Aapje"de Frederik Deflo Librairie Livres excellents 2eme main…..

Annie…….ve veux marcher a pieds de douceur dans cette NEIGE…

Salut Gob,…….

Sara January 11, 2013 - 10:05 am

Beautiful photos of a beautiful city!!! 😀


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