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Climate Coalition March

Around 30 000 people gathered this Sunday afternoon in Brussels for a protest march under the umbrella of the Climate Coalition which represents 96 organizations from all over the country.

The stood as one voice to demand that the climate issue be placed at the top of the political EU agenda ahead of the 27th International Climate Conference taking place next month in Egypt from November 6 to 18.

At the lead, the Amazonian chefs made the trip for the occasion.

Indigenous Brazilian delegation

Greenpeace under the “People and planet before profit” banner

“No intelligent species would destroy their own environment”
Cimate Coallition March

BOS+ is an organization that is committed to forest conservation, better forest and more forest in the world.

Banner in French reading: ” No to vegetables that travel more than us”
Non aux légume qui voyage plus que nous

Gauche Anticapitaliste (Anticapitalist Left) under the banner: “The Planet is worth more than their profits”

Gauche Anticapitaliste

Extinction Rebellion Animal under the banner “End the dairy industry”

Extinction Rebellion Animal

Causes such as Marijuana legislation were also represented

4/20 NOW!

The OXFAM banner read: “Climate Change. Hunger. Poverty. It’s all the same fight”

The OXFAM banner read: "Climate Change. Hunger. Poverty. It's all the same fight"

Another banner read: “You’ll die of old age, I’ll die of climate change”

Climate Coalition March | 23 Octobre 2022

Critical Mass Brussels

Ever wished you could ride around exploring Brussels with a group or a bunch of friends without being worried about cars and traffic ? Well you are in luck! Every last Friday of the month there is a Critical Mass bike run where a few hundred bicycle enthusiasts gather in front of the ING at the corner of avenue du Trône & Av. Marnix at 6PM

Critical Mass Brussels July Start
Around Trône where people meet and greet

And go ride 2-3 hours together through Brussels without having to worry about traffic lights or stop as the police regulates traffic.

Start of Critical Mass Brussels July 2022
Start of the Critical Mass

The idea behind the “critical mass” is when the participants become so numerous that they reverse the balance of power in traffic. The Critical Mass creates a safe space; it protects its participants from traffic. The concept alludes to nuclear physics, where a critical mass of fissionable material triggers a nuclear chain reaction.

Critical mass in pictures

Critical Mass Brussels 2022
Critical Mass Brussels
Critical Mass passing by Schaerbeek town hall
Critical Mass Brussels July
Critical Mass Brussels
Critical Mass Brussels
Critical Mass Brussels
Igonre angry motorists when blocking traffic
Critical Mass Brussels August 2022
Critical Mass Brussels August 2022
Mobile DJ
Critical Mass Brussels August 2022
Digue du Canal, Haren, Brussels

Stop MEAT, Go VEGAN traffic lights

Vegan activists have found a new and clever way to promote their cause in Brussels. On about two dozen lights traffic lights, strategically positioned at major crossroads of the capital. As you can see in the pics, drivers now get red lights flashing a “STOP MEAT” while the green lights promotes to “GO VEGAN”. Apparently the idea originally came from a graffiti artist and militant for veganism/animal rights going under the name of Misteruncertain.

"Stop Meat" Red Light

the red stop lights now flash a “STOP MEAT” sign

On his Facebook page he wrote:

“Nice to see my efforts spreading far and wide. So many people spend their time living halfhearted and disinterested in others. It takes courage to be altruistic in a society that is self-centered and to be compassionate in a world that is egotistical.”

Misteruncertain wrote
"Go Vegan" Green Light

While the green lights now promote drivers to “GO VEGAN”

MISTERUNCERTAIN He went on to say:

“One act can transform the very core of someone else’s life. When benevolence is real, boundaries are nonexistent, limits fade, life is more abundant, and the gap between present reality and dreams, close. Animals are innocent beings and deserve to be protected and respected, not massacred for human greed. Veganism is the answer and justice for all life!”