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Street Art along avenue du port

by Vincent

The abandoned warehouses along Quai des Matériaux have been for a long time a flourishing scene for street artists and youths into alternative lifestyles ever since the city of Brussels had temporarily allowed some of these disaffected buildings to be converted into concerts hall for underground music or community projects.

Street art on the facade of the Zizinerie
The beautiful facade of the Zinzinerie was done by a collective of the city of Liège

La Zizinerie
The Zinzinerie Alternative collective warehouse where took place concerts and events of all kinds.

Of this was born the Zinzinerie, Allée du Kaai or The famous alternative club opened in 1994 the Magasin 4. Sadly all of these are set to disappear in the short future as the city has decided to repurposed the area into another boring and nondescript park and “relaxation area” along the canal. So best give the area a visit while it’s still there.

Gorilla by street artist machonenhr
Gorilla graffiti by street artist machonenhr

Kids skateboarding
Exterior of the skate-café along Allée du Kaai

Vagabond street art by Kelber

Vagabond street art by Kelber

Fox by street artist machonenhr
Fox by street artist machonenhr

Colorful facade of the ALLEDUKAAI

Graffiti chimneys with eye spewing smoke
Graffiti of factory chimneys spewing smoke with eye watching by uknown artist

Street graffiti by artist DEFO84
Graffiti street artist DEFO84 aka BCP Kings

Skull on the facade of Zizinerie
Skull detail of graffiti street art on the facade of the Zinzinerie

Street art denouncing atrocities during Belgian colonization
Graffiti depicting atrocities suffered by natives during Belgian colonization period

Magasin 4
Facade and entrance to the Magasin 4

Magasin 4 around the  bar
Bar area during a concert at Magasin 4

Magasin 4 toilets

Toilets inside Magasin 4

No tags allowed from port authority of Brussels sign

Street graffiti artists at work
Graffiti artists at work along the wall of the Zinzinerie

Graffiti along the side of the Magasin 4 wharehouse
Graffiti along the side of the Magasin 4 warehouse

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Kids skateboarding
Skateboarding at the park allée du kaai

Graffiti artists at work
Street artists

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