Snowing in Brussels

2009 so far has brought us some unusually cold weather that has swept for a week now all over Europe. Some cities of Belgium have even broken records for the lowest temperatures of the last decade. The cold wave did not only bring negative aspects though as it dramatically changed for a brief moment our Brussels landscape blessing it with a beautiful coat of white snow.  Wanting to capture this special moment I took my camera out early in the morning after work to take these photos of Brussels under the snow.

A Winter Wonderland scene from Woluwe-Saint-Lambert on my street

I doubt the Villo! bikes rentals will be very popular today

Cars covered in snow

Entering what seems to be a deserted Georges Henri Park

Not much more people here either

The monument dedicated to political prisoners seems even more eerie

A few Bruxellois were actually found braving the cold weather

In front of  Woluwe-Saint-Lambert public housing projects

Statues of girls in front of the Charlemagne European Union building

Avenue de la Toison d’Or

More Ville de Bruxelles bicycles

Commemorative WWI monument

Brussels court of Justice

Looking down on the Basse Ville of Brussels in the snow

Robert Shuman statue and the entrance to Jubilee Park

Lonely bench covered in snow at the Parc du Cinquantenaire

Southern entrance of the park

Street leading to the Sablon

Don Quichotte & Sancho Panza at Place d’Espagne

On the way back home

Winter on rue Crocq

3 thoughts on “Snowing in Brussels”

  1. These pictures are great! The citu looks amazing with snow. I do hope this winter will be equally generous and I get to make snowy Brussels pictures myself. 🙂

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