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Rue de Namur Street Art

by Vincent
Street art rue de namur Brussels bird flying away

Next time you take the sinuous road that connects the high end shops of the Porte de Namur to the museum district and Grand Place take some time to look up to around as several news murals by the artistic collective Propaganza have gone up in order to embellish this popular artery of Brussels.

Backstory: While Brussels is better known for its comic strip murals, the Minister of Culture has recently allocated a budget of 100 000 euros a year for young and talented artists to showcase their art on the walls of the city of Brussels.

The works was done by six artists in 2015: Spear, Eyes B, Parole, Koolkoor, Steve Locatelli and Nova Dead.

Sagesse Mural by Spear

The Sagesse Mural by Artist Spear is located at rue de Namur 14, Brussels, Belgium

Mural Rue de Namur by artist Parole

This Mural by Artist Paroles is found at rue de Namur 5, Brussels, Belgium

Mural Namur Street by artist Parole

Paroles is a self-taught artist, he draws mostly words and letters, he has to his credit numerous exhibitions in France, Belgium and even one in Lebanon.

Flower Mural by Artist Orkez

This Flower Mural by Artist Orkez is found at rue de Namur 65a, Brussels, Belgium

Mural rue de Namur

Unknown Artist, was here prior to the work of the the PROPAGANZA collective

Bird Mural rue de Namur
Bird mural by Steve Locatelli located at rue de Namur 82, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Mural by Artist Eyes-B

Mural by Eyes-B located on the corner of rue du Baudet and rue de Namur 49, Brussels

COVID-19 mask

COVID-19 Chic sold in a store rue along de Namur

Street art by Kool Koor
Abstract work by Kool Koor located at rue de Namur 64, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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