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Cori le Moussaillon mural

by Vincent

The 48 square meters Cori le Moussaillon comics strip mural is found at 21 Rue des Fabriques, 1000 Brussels. Six albums were created by Bob de Moor (Robert Frans Marie De Moor) from 1951 to 1993. A true masters of the Belgian Clear Line style, he cooperated during his career with other famous Belgian Comic strip artists such as Hergé and Willy Vandersteen. Growing up in a port city he developed from an early age an interest for drawing sailing ships.

Location of Cori le Moussaillon mural:

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Photos of Cori le Moussaillon mural:

Details of the top half of mural

cori le moussaillon top mural

Sailboat from bottom portion

Close-up of Cori le Moussaillon Waving from the Mast

Pictures of the city of Brussels, Belgium

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