Prison de Saint-Gilles

The prison de Saint-Gilles, which replaced Carmes prison in the Sablon, was built between 1878 and 1884 and was the work of the engineer, Francois Derré the architect, Joseph Dumont. The jail is in a purely Tudor style that resembles a medieval castle or fort and was built according to the ideas of 19th century criminologists, including the first General Inspector of prisons, Edouard Ducpétiaux (1804-1869).

Location of Prison of Saint-Gilles:

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Photos of Prison de Saint-Gilles:

Main towers and entrance gate

Definitely not what you would expect for a jail to look like…

Walls surrounding what is currently the biggest prison of Brussels

Corner shot

Main entrance again

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  1. In 1980 I lived at 96 avenu Albert in an apartment overlooking the prison yard. It is all red brick on the back side of the prison.

    1. "She was arrested on 3 August 1915 and charged with harbouring Allied soldiers. She was held in St Gilles prison for 10 weeks, the last two in solitary confinement,[6] and was court-martialled." – The wiki page where I found it 😀

      I know its a bit late, but I don't care, I wanna sound smart 😛

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