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Art rue des Tanneurs by FARM PROD

Just around the corner from the Recyclart, under the train bridge at the rue des Tanneurs you will find the impressive work left by the Collective FARM PROD during one of their live painting sessions. Pretty amazing work that’s worth going to take a look if you enjoy urban Art.

Photos of some of the paintings made by FARMPROD:

A short distance from the Recyclart just turn on the first street on your left

Guy with scuba mask and Snorkel on the way there

Arriving rue des Tanneurs


I am God

Monsters From An Unknown Planet

Hypnotic Monsters

Malditos Monstruous by CäÄT

The Aquatic-Atomic Monster

Bambi VS Godzilla


Propension Naturelle à la Cruauté

Vegetal Coriace

Street Art Rue des Tanneurs par Farmprod


The Recyclart is a non-profit urban pilot project with the vocation of turning the old abandoned train station of Chapelle-Kapellekerk and its abandoned neighborhoods into a vibrant multi-purpose cultural center proposing everything from concerts to exhibitions. The bands featured in the pictures were Comets on fire and Creature With The Atom Brain. The agenda of upcoming events can be found here.


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Photos of le Recyclart:

From the outside

View as you enter

Opposite corner

Bar where old train ticketing counters were

Sound technicians


The back

Graffiti ridden toilets

Comets of Fire concert

Ethan Miller singing and on guitar

Ben Chasny

Ben Flashman

Ethan Miller

Noel Harmonson

Opening act featuring Creature With The Atom Brain