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La Rose Blanche

by Vincent

La Rose Blanche is a bar restaurant located inside a lovely 17th Century Flemish style building right on the famous Grand Place of Brussels. Hungry for a Duck à la Chouffe, Lamb Filet à la Grimbergen, Salmon à la Faro, Rabbit à la Kriek,…

If the prospects of a good meal with served with a Belgian Accent tempts you, with a view of the worlds most beautiful plaza, just sit right down and choose from a multitude of dishes each more enticing than the other.


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View of the terrace and Grand place from inside la Rose Blanche

Entrance of La Rose Blanche

First Floor

You can feel this place has seen the Centuries go by…

second and last floor

View of both floors

Trappiste Rochefort as refreshment

Trappiste Rochefort beer bottle and glass

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