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Statue Joies de Printemps

by Vincent

The “Square des Griottiers” or “Square of the cherries trees” takes its name from the three big morello cherry trees planted here. This is the same type of cherry tree used to produces the famous cherry beer Kriek in Brussels. Located in in Schaerbeek at the crossroads of the avenues of Félix Maréchal, Emile Max and Milcamps, This is tiny island of lush greenery is a little haven of peace in an urban residential area. The square is best known for the little statuette “Joies de Printemps” which translates to Joys of spring in English.

The paved path allows visitors to discover the wide variety of shrubs, grasses and flowers that adorn the square. In addition, a fourth sour cherry tree will be planted while two benches will be installed.

The Joys of Spring sculpture by Eugène Canneel is at the center of the Square des Griottiers. Interesting fact, both the cherry and the donkey are symbols of this municipality of Schaarbeek, as in the old days cherries who grew here had to be carried on the back of donkeys to be sold on the Brussels markets downtown.

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