Square Ambiorix

Square Ambiorix is a bowl of fresh air located just 120 meters away from Shuman that is home of the EU institutions. Its really worth the short walk if you ever are in that part of Brussels since it also has around 20 very interesting buildings dating back from 1890. One of them being the art nouveau masterpiece house of Saint Cyr.

You will always find a large number of flowers all along Square Ambiorix

kid running after ducks at the fountain

L’abrevoir statue at a distance

Reading a book

A good example of multiculturalism living in harmony

statue with pigeons

relaxing on the grass

walking across the park

kids playground

Famous old architecture buildings

Approaching l’abrevoir statue

Watering place statue closeup

Row of tulips

La Folle Chanson Statue

The Demented Song Statue from the back

2 thoughts on “Square Ambiorix”

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