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View over Brussels from 10th floor of Parking 58

by Vincent
View from former Parking 58

You could pass by the shapeless building of the Parking 58 hundreds of times without even noticing it.  Though the structure is uninteresting by itself it does have a surprise in store for those looking to get a free panoramic view from high up of the city of Brussels. All you need to do is take the elevator to the last open floor to get a superb view over Brussels from all sides. Open daily from 7am until 1am (or 2am Friday and Saturday).

The Parking 58 was demolished in 2017


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View in direction of the Basilica of Brussels seen way in the back

The baroque tower of the Church St. Catherine

Part of Church St. Catherine with Marché au Poissons on ground level

The tower from another angle

The Grand place at a distance with its town hall tower

Closer look at the tower

Street leading to the Nord section of Brussels

Few more views of Brussels


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Emma December 2, 2008 - 1:24 pm

Oh i adore your blog!!! I Added you!

I´ve been living in BXL for a long time and it´s my fav city n the world, even more during Xtmas time!


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