Charles Karel Buls fountain

The Charles Karel Buls statue is found at the Agora Square right next to the rue du marché aux herbes. It’s a memorial in the honor of Charles Buls who was mayor of Brussels from 1881 until 1899. He is remembered most of all today for his fight to vote laws to preserve and fund the restoration some of the best known jewels of the city like the Grand Place that are now considered a UNESCO World Heritage site.

2 thoughts on “Charles Karel Buls fountain”

  1. Beautiful. Not a grand sight as some fountains go but enjoyed some leisure time with friends. Was very busy area, had to come back for a closer look.

  2. Who knows why are the words 'Laudi dementia" in the book shown by Charles Buls? I thought it was related to Erasmus book"l'Eloge de la Folie"but the latin title is "Stultitiae laus"

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