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Mappa Mundo

In the trendy Halles St.Géry area the Mappa Mundo café is a popular hang with a cosmopolitan crowd set inside a cozy and warm extravagant decor. The terrace is always packed with people in the summertime. Though it features a good selection of beers the Cocktails menu is quite limited but the excellent Caipirinhas, Strawberry Margaritas and Mojitos which are sold by the glass or liter make up for it.


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The Mappa Mundo café from the outside

The entrance door seen from inside

On one side of the café you can find a more laid back and cosy section

From the back

The main bar section made of marble

Sitting at the other end of the café with its exterior totally opened

Another view from the stairs leading to the 1st floor

Upstairs section of the Mappa Mundo bar

Even more intimate section in the back

Looking at place Saint Géry from outside the window

Back downstairs

Last glimpse from outside of Mappa Mundo bar leaving

Le Roi des Belges

Strategically located right in the trendy place Saint Géry Le Roi des Belges is a popular laid back atmosphere café with a nice terrace and some good background music. Calm during the daytime it gets quite busy and packed at night sometimes featuring a DJ. The menu offers a mix of good but simple foods for a snack, a decent choice of beers, coffee and cold drinks. At the first floor there’s a cocktail bar that has a large selection of drinks with a daily 2 for 1 happy hour starting at 18:00.


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Photo right In front of Le Roi des Belges

View from inside Le Roi des Belges café

Trappistes Rochefort

Cocktail bar at the first floor

View from the window at the first floor of Le Roi des Belges

Bartender preparing to open the Cocktail bar

People at the outside terrace

Cafe Metropole

The Café Metropole is the bar and restaurant of the prestigious Hotel of the same name. Superbly decorated it is the last 19th century French Renaissance-style Hotel to have survived in Brussels. The magnificent terrace is heated during the winter but it’s inside that you can really experience the luxurious decor.


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The entrance of the Metropole hotel and the Cafe Metropole terrace behind it

The terrace itself from the other side

Well dressed waiters provide table service

The posh view sitting inside the Café Metropole from one corner

My choice from the six page menu arrived

Crystal chandeliers and high-ceilings are all part of the luxurious decor

Marble fireplace and bar in the back

View from the bar this time

A l’Imaige Nostre-Dame

Like most well kept secrets A l’Imaige Nostre-Dame is not easy to find and one would need to be really lucky to simply stumble into it. Located at the end of a long and narrow alleyway it is one of the oldest cafés of Brussels. Having a unique and authentic feeling to it, this pub has had the chance to retain its original decor and boats a very friendly atmosphere with its share of regulars, merrymaking students and the occasional tourist.


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Look for the A l’Imaige Nostre-Dame estaminet entrance sign

Take the alleway all the way down until you seen light again

You’ll reach the entrance of the A l’Imaige Nostre-Dame pub

View from the main room as you enter where the bar section is

The room in the back with some students having a drink

University students often come to this café and the bartender has been made their honorary Godfather with all the official gear.

View from the bar

More students arriving for some refresments

Sitting at the bar having a look at that colorful student cap


The Poechenellekelder

Just a stone’s throw from the Manneken piss on the corner is where you will find the Poechenellekelder café, or just nicknamed “Poech” for the regulars. This typical Brussels pub with its phenomenal interior decor is one of the most lively in the center during the day and has varied clientele where the locals don’t hesitate to share with the tourists for a chat.


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View from the exterior

Outside the Poechenellekelder

Nicely served Cantillon beer & cheese

Cantillon beer & cheese served inside Poechenellekelder café, Brussels

A look from the 1st room near the entrance

You get a feel of rich decor and special atmosphere as soon you enter

The Poechenellekelder decor and special atmosphere

Approaching the main room near the bar section

Probably the best spot to enjoy the densely packed interior decoration with its puppets, trumpets, crossbows, beer crates hanging from everywhere.

The Poechenellekelder densely packed interior decoration with its puppets, trumpets, crossbows, beer crates hanging from everywhere.

Seated and awaiting a drink and a view of the bar itself

bar area at the Poechenellekelder

Downstairs section where they seem to have puppet shows

Puppet show the Poechenellekelder

Other side

Final decision ater a while looking at the menu was Trappist Achel to drink

Trappist Achel to drink at The Poechenellekelder

The View of the way out