Europe’s biggest graffiti wall along tram station De Wand

The largest fresco of Belgium can now be admired along the walls of the De Wand tram station in Laeken. Just a stone’s throw from the Atomium along tramway lines 4, 19 and 23 the De Wand station is a symbolic crossing point between the suburbs and the city of Brussels. Entitled “The Walk”, this massive work of art was created by 30 graffiti artists from Belgium and beyond was part of a grant from the Brussels’ region for the renovation of public spaces and has grown over the years to become Europe’s biggest graffiti wall with it 4500 square meters. The total cost of the project was of 200 000€ where 30 artists worked for 9 days and no less than 6000 spray paint cans were used during the process.

Photos of mural art along tram station De Wand (Location):

15 thoughts on “Europe’s biggest graffiti wall along tram station De Wand”

  1. I agree!

    This one is real art! I like to use the "Tram" when I am in Brussels, to go to the atomium!

    hope it will stay so for a long time

  2. Great feature on this graffiti wall! Some of them are really beautiful!

    I really like the rest of your blog too! I also started a picture blog a while ago (, so it is nice to see what others are doing!

  3. @ Amy,

    Sadly this is just the exception that proves the rule. Would be a pleasant change to see some real underground artists leaving their mark on the city instead of the usual lame taggers.

    @ Penguin Five,

    Good luck with the blog !

  4. WOW!!!
    Amazing…. the artist's work should be appreciated and promoted.
    I hope to come and admire it one day soon.

  5. We just returned from Brussels. We took a bus tour of the city and they never mentioned the wall. I happened to catch a glimpse of it as we drove on; so glad to find this site so I can appreciate it.

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