Hotel Hannon

The Hotel Hannon was completed in 1903 by architect Jules Brunfaut for his friend Edouard Hannon who wanted a townhouse in the much popular at the time Art Nouveau style. Almost demolished in 1965 after the death of Hannon’s daughter when it fell into the wrong hands, it was saved by the town of Saint-Gilles who bought and then completely renovated it. The Hannon Hotel was in 1976 listed by the Royal Commission for Monuments and Sites and is currently home to the Espace Photographique Contretype, an organization devoted to promoting creative photography through exhibits and other events.

Location of Hannon Hotel:

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Photos of Hotel Hannon:

The Hannon Hotel seen from the middle of the street.

The remarkable stained glass windows were made by Raphaël Evaldre using the American glass technique made popular by Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Hotel Hannon’s bas relief facade

The Building next door on boulevard Brugmann is also interesting

Featuring some owls sgraffito above the door

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