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Cityscape wooded sculpture by Arne Quinze

by Vincent

Created for the duration of two years the Quartier Louise was enlightened by this vast 40 meters by 25 meters wooden sculpture created Arne Quinze. its opening periods are from 14 September 2007 until Monday 14 September 2009.

CITYSCAPE resembles a frozen movement; speed caught in time. It is a powerful means of communication, in many ways. if you look at it from a distance, pure movement seems to keep the volatile structure in the air. Sun rays play
with the wooden beams; a game of light and shade creates ever-changing patterns. its immense size – 40 meter long and 25 meter wide – absorbs you. CITYSCAPE calls for instant reactions, it’s impossible not to feel anything.

Speaking about the sculpture Arne Quinze goes on to say:

Location of Cityscape:

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Photos of the Cityscape wooded sculpture by Arne Quinze:


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prasanna chury February 8, 2011 - 2:22 pm

awesome work, what kinda brain you do have?


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